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PicShop-1FDC78C1A0A85D4764E876767648BABA_PerfectlyClearLife As I Know It.  Mad Journey

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This blog is based on sound research, personal experience, family support, loving animals, and my background in psychology, ecology, and journalism.  Join my schizophrenia self help group on Facebook 

We need more help.  Say No to Stigma.  Yes to cure.

Schizophrenia is very distressing and debilitating, not to mention painful illness to mind and body.  Public education awareness, more self help models to control hallucinations and delusions, however, there are many symptoms that need control.  Please donate to Vivid mind.org.

A charity for schizophrenia with Julian Camarena, visit Twitter @VM_Charity 

research finding for 2015 as reported by the Science

Daily ““The most exciting part was when all the pieces of the puzzle fell together,” Soderling said. “When Dr. Kim and I finally realized that these three outwardly unrelated phenotypes (spine pruning, hyperactive neurons and excessive dopamine) were actually functionally interrelated with each other, that was really surprising and also very exciting for us,” Soderling said.”http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2015/05/150504120805.htm

All content, art, writing, articles, and photography created by Brigida Hurley.  Exceptions; two youtube videos on ACT Meditation and David and Lisa Movie.  They are both excellent!  To watch the movie and mindfulness video click link https://brigidaandschizophrenia.wordpress.com/poems-art-and-writings/

Schizophrenia is a mental illness that can be treated.  It is a treatable disorder that with success a person with the illness can get help with antipsychotic medication, psychotherapy, self help, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and a strong family support system.  Schizophrenia comes from mania and dementia, other names Included;  Psychosis, schizoid, and autism being a feature.  From 32 symptoms associated with schizophrenia.  The symptoms are from:  depression, anxiety, bipolar, psychosis, negative effects, delusions, dementia, paranoia, hallucinations, autism, stress, obesity, insomnia, just to name a few.

Describing schizophrenia:  “Its like a light bulb that goes out of many light bulbs in your brain.  Your not in complete darkness, but you are in darkness.”

One of my favorite web sites for coping with schizophrenia at 

A forum for schizophrenia and other mental illnesses PsychCentral

A web site for help, ACT, mindfulness meditation, excellent, 7 cups of tea you can help on anything, any problem, individual and group counseling

HVN, hearing voices

It is now clear that many neurological and psychiatric diseases result from defects in synaptic transmission and plasticity.  http://www.neuroscience.jhu.edu/conte/

Psychology major, self help,  and mental illness My story, a written article

Healthy VS. Unhealthy article click link

Healing The Cultural Woman.  The Woman of Color article

According to the World Federation of Mental Health, schizophrenia is “The abandoned illness” .

Psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, and advocates are needed to bring public educational awareness against the stigma and finding a cure.  There are currently no cures.

Healing The Voices Poem click link

Poems, Art, mindfulness video, Healing the sick movie

How to reduce stress, Increase Productivity, and avoid burn out

The World Health Organization mentions schizophrenia as one of the leading cause of disability globally.  Also, mentions that 26 million people live with schizophrenia globally.

A charity for schizophrenia with Julian Camarena Twitter @VM_Charity

The dark side of schizophrenia with voices.

Wake up I say, said the voices Who are you said the shadow I’m sleeping slithering slugs. In my brain, in my mind of bed bugs and books. My heart races and my stomach ugh The ugly rug inside the shadowy walls, I take a few steps to the chattering songs with rhymes and of slime. It’s time to scream shouted the waking voices, and now I’m psychosis. Wake up, I say said the voices again and again. Who are you said the mocking cynical madness. I’m an old friend so quit your gawking, and so I speak says, the black bird. Oh no, now someone’s knocking.  I think it’s just me again.  I’m troubled.

It’s okay, it’s just a crazy day that feels like a daze with hay and stalls.

I hope you enjoy the poems, writings and art work.  Please feel free to post a comment.

A little bit about the creator of this blog:  Brigida Hurley is the youngest of seven children.  European, Spanish, Native American from both parents.  Her dad was a veteran.  She was raised in a valley community and born in Los Angeles, California.  Her love for her children, animals, art, writing and psychology continues to grow and blossom every day.  Undergraduate studies in Psychology and journalism.  Graduate studies in ecology and ecotherapy.  Visit my Facebook page on puppies and quotes 

My Twitter @brigida_hurley

Please see more writings, art and poems by clicking on the link.


I enjoy creating art and as much as I enjoy art I’m also passionate about color.


A Psychosis of schizophrenia with delusions and hallucinations.

Hey! It says, ugh on the mug, I’m passing through. The bug wrote on the mug, Some time, ago, not sure when? It could have been yesterday. Yesterday, is so long ago. Remember, when we used to play in the garden. The flower plants Despise, the ants, because, they make such a mess. Bugs and flower plants get along, But, it’s another day To sing a song, As the bugs and ants try to get along. You can forget the friendship, Of ants and flower plants. Move along, move along, move along.

Book Review:  Play and experience

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